A pioneer in marine cosmetics, Thalgo has grown overtime in thalassotherapy, beauty salons and spas based on three founding values: Marine Intelligence, Professional Excellence and Commitment to Nature.


Marine Intelligence

At the heart of Thalgo is a strong passion for research and innovation in marine intelligence.

At our Thalgo Research Centre, we continually innovate the crafting of marine active ingredients. Accordingly, we’ve developed over 60 active ingredients of marine or coastal origin which form the core of exceptional results and quality in our Thalgo formulations.  

Backed by experts in dermatology and phycology (study of algae), we sample, extract and isolate marine ingredients for maximum beautifying potential. Fascinated by marine biomimicry with skin, we strive to craft avant-garde, skin-adapting beauty formulas that instantly radiate skin. 

We ensure exceptional quality, effectiveness and safety for our customers with independent laboratory testing of all Thalgo products.

Professional Excellence

For professional spa treatments that are both blissful and visible, we at Thalgo meet exacting beauty standards. We integrate several areas of expertise including:

Facial and Body Treatments – In collaboration with expert physiotherapists and aesthetic physicians, our intentionally crafted massage techniques and manoeuvres transport our customers to a peaceful, unwinding experience.

Unique Instruments – We create lasting results from your very first treatment by equipping our spas with ingenious instruments and technologies to maximise the benefits of our marine cosmetics skincare products. We customise within beauty treatments to deliver the perfect balance of results and relaxation.

Quality Formulations – With Thalgo’s pioneering research, all of our marine cosmetic formulations are designed for luxurious sensory pleasure and lasting results for luminous skin.

Commitment to Nature

With the heart of our brand born from the oceans, we have always had a strong commitment to protecting our oceans and environment.

Every step that reduces waste, is a step to saving our environment. Minimising our ecological footprint we enact an eco-design policy. We select materials with the least impact to the environment, have a production site certified by Ecocert and a self-run water waste treatment plant.

We are conscious of our resources and responsibly harvest algae. By controlling and monitoring algae life-cycle and using satellite surveillance we ensure our preservation of life in the oceans.

To guarantee beauty that is kind both to skin and the environment our products are free of parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oils, animal products (except for beeswax and collagen).


Social Responsibility

Thalgo globally supports our communities with a commitment to socially responsible beauty.

In this mission we regularly support the Petits Princes Association, to help make dreams come true for youth struck with illness. We make make beauty accessible for everyone by training visually impaired students in beauty professions with a specialty method developed by Thalgo. Other causes we also support are the fight against cancer and beauty enhancing for women reintegrating into society.